List of authorities

Possession prima face title

1) Karnataka Board of Wakf Vs GOI, 2004 (10) SCC 799- Owner deemed to be in possession. Non-use won’t affect.

2) Amrendra Pratap Singh Vs Tej Bahadur Prajapati, 2004 (10) SCC 65 by default and neglect- Adverse possession

3) Valliamma Chanpeta Vs Sivathanu Pillai,1964 (I) MLJ 161 (FB) Extinguishment under Article 28 New Article 27 of Limitation Act

4) Perry –Vs- Clissold, 1907 AC 73 person in possession assumes the character of the owner.

5) Kshistish Chandra Bose Vs Commissioner of Ranchi, AIR 1981 SC 1165 Ouster only exception.

6) The Secretary of State Vs Vive Rayen, ILR 9 Mad 175.

Ignorance of the owner will not prevent the running of time.

7) T. Anjanappar Vs Somalingappa.2006 ((7) SCC 570 Capable of being known is enough. Possession to be open and hostile. Need not be to the knowledge of the owner.

8) Hemaji Waghaji Vs Bhikhabhai KhengarBhai, AIR 2009SC 103(relook on the concept by Justice Dalveer Bhandari)

9) State of Haryana Vs Mukesh Kumar 2011 (10) SCC 404 (Referred J.A. Pye (Oxford). Vs U.K. Justice Neuberger, Pye Vs Grahams 2000 (3) WLR 242.) (Reiteration by Justice Dalveer Bhandari)

10) European Court of Human Rights J.A. Pye Vs U.K. Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights reversed, 2005 (49) ERG 90.

11. Venkatachala Gounder vs Arulmighu Visweswarswami Temple 2003(8)SCC 752

12. Edelweiss Asset Management Co v Perumalsamy AIR 2020 SC 3688

Prescriptive Right different from Adverse Possession

1. Scallon v Manhattan 185 N.Y 359 (Prescription is based on possession and adverse possession based on statute of limitation)

2. Downing v Bird

3. Predham v Holfester 32 N.J 419, (American Jurisprudence )

4. Vora Aminibhai Ibrahim v Vora Taherali Mohamedali AIR 1988 Guj 31

Possessory Right as an alternative plea

1. L.N. Aswathma v Prakash, 2009(13) SCC 229

2. Rame Gowda v Varadappa Naidu, 2004(1) SCC 769

Extinguishment and vesting of the right

a) AIR 1934 All 993 Bindhyachal Chand and others Vs Ram Chand and others

b) AIR 1973 SC 2537 Rajendar Singh and others Vs Santha Singh and others.

c) AIR 2003 SC 179 Karnataka Steel & Wire Products and others Vs Kohinoor Rolling Shutters and Engineering Works and others.

d) AIR 2009 SC 840 T. Kaliamurthi and another Vs Five Gori Thaikal Wakf and others. (once vested under old law cannot be divested)

e) AIR 1940 Mad 798.F.B

f) AIR 1948 P.C. 76 – Mohammed Fatch Nasib Vs Swarup Chand.

g) AIR 1966 SC 160 – Sarengadeve Periya Madam Vs Ramasami. (person perfecting title by possession can seek recovery from a trespasser)

h) AIR 2019 SC 3827 Ravinder Kaur Grewal Vs Manjit Kaur. (Justice Arun Mishra) (Plea of adverse possession as plaintiff)

I) AIR 2020 SC 4321 Nazir Mohammed Vs Kamala (Justice Indra Banerjee) (to give title and possession to succeed)

Possessory Right

Siddiq-Vs- Mahant Suresh Das(Ayodhya case)

Lost Grant

1. N.Sankaranarayan pillayan vs Board of commissioners for the Hindu Religious Endowment, Madras AIR 1948 PC 25(in the absence of proof of title on either party)

2. Lakshmidar Mishra v Rangalal AIR 1950 PC 56

3. Raja Broja Sunder Deb MoniBehta AIR 1951 SC 247(Cannot be applied to a fluctuating body of persons)

Monohar Das Mohanty v Charu Chander Pal AIR 1955 SC 228